Our secret to straight-from-the-grove taste.

What’s the difference between from-concentrate and not-from-concentrate? If you want that "straight-from-the-grove" taste, it’s all about how you treat your oranges.

At Florida’s Natural, we don’t fuss with our fruit. We just squeeze, flash-pasteurize and pour it into freshness-saving cartons. Then we send our juice out into the world for you and your family to enjoy—no water, sugar or preservatives added. That’s why our 100% pure, not-from-concentrate juices always have that straight-from-the-grove taste.

“From-concentrate,” on the other hand, means that the fruit is squeezed and its water extracted using heat and pressure. This produces a “concentrated” form, like what you’ll find in the frozen-food aisle. Later, the water gets added back in—and then the juice is pasteurized and packaged.