Our History

Florida’s Natural Growers became a cooperative of Florida citrus growers in 1933. Take a look at Florida’s Natural over the years.


A small group of passionate growers creates a cooperative with one goal: making the best citrus products possible.


We invest in machines to extract juice, an advancement that leads to canned orange juice.


To provide juice for the military during World War II, we build a concentrate plant in Lake Wales, Florida.


People want chilled juice products. We're happy to oblige, adding a variety of new juices and warehouses to store refrigerated cartons of juice.


From this moment on, we commit to crafting only the finest, premium, never-from-concentrate juices. The Florida's Natural® brand is born. Because it’s flash-pasteurized, Florida’s Natural is as close to fresh-squeezed taste as you can get without having a grove outside your window.


Florida's Natural Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice makes its debut. The first premium not-from-concentrate grapefruit juice, it remains America’s favorite.


Florida's Natural Lemonade makes its debut. For extra convenience and freshness, Florida's Natural introduces the pour spout on not-from-concentrate cartons.


Florida's Natural not-from-concentrate Natural Style Apple Juice lands on supermarket shelves.


Florida's Natural juices are in stores nationwide, including the world’s first not-from-concentrate orange-pineapple blend.


The cooperative changes its name to Florida's Natural Growers.


The Grove House Visitor’s Center opens. People from all over the world come to learn about the rich history of our cooperative and how we craft the best juices anywhere.


Charley. Frances. Jeanne. Three hurricanes in six weeks pummel our area and devastate crops. But we're determined to bounce back—and we do.


Florida’s Natural introduces a premium, not-from-concentrate blend of orange and strawberry juice, delivering a uniquely sweetened flavor twist for breakfast.


By installing solar panels at the Grove House, Florida's Natural becomes even more energy-efficient.


Florida's Natural Growers celebrates its 75th anniversary.


In 2015 Florida's Natural introduces Fit & Delicious: with 45% less sugar & calories, and 100% Florida-grown Valencia taste.