Tastes great. Does good.

One 8-oz. glass of Florida’s Natural orange juice a day. That's all it takes to get more than the daily recommended value of vitamin C, vitamin D and loads of other healthy nutrients. We can all drink to that!

Vitamin C

Everybody knows orange juice is a great source of vitamin C. But, what makes that so important you ask? Vitamin C helps support the immune system, absorbs iron and helps with collagen production for healthier skin.


Vitamin D puts your body in drive! It helps absorb calcium for stronger, healthier bones and keeps the immune system running smoothly. It even helps prevent osteoporosis.


Move over bananas. Oranges also provide a healthy dose of potassium. This mineral helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, and keeps a normal fluid and electrolyte balance in the body.


A healthier brain and spine means a healthier you, and folate helps with just that. Plus, it helps with normal cell growth for young boys and girls. So drink up, kids!


There’s a reason they say you should start your day with OJ. That’s because each glass is filled with thiamin—another B vitamin which helps the body’s cells grow and develop. And it breaks down food into energy to keep you going all day long.